Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Thoughts on Being Together, Finally

Many people do not know I have been "in a relationship" for two and a half years. For nearly two of those years, this relationship was not declared, necessarily public, or committed. But for me, it was always hopeful.

The circumstance of meeting him was almost more than being in the right place at the right time. The path of an ended relationship led me to the then-acquantainces (now friends) who introduced us via picture-by-phone. At the moment where I allowed myself to be photographed and sent, I remember thinking, "wouldn't it be totally crazy if...?" Where the ...? stands for actually meeting, liking, and possibly loving, marrying, bearing the children of this attractive gentleman. Because at the time, that's all it was. A single, thirty-something woman being attracted to nothing more than the photograph of a handsome, single, thirty-something man. And quite honestly, once you are a thirty-something single, you tend to view such circustances with small hopes. The mere idea of a solid relationship being built out of a moment of attraction to someone's photograph on a cell phone is nearly ludicris, let alone realistic...especially considering we lived hundreds of miles apart.

With the exception of the first couple times we met and spent time together, our usual "date" would last anywhere from a weekend to a week. In between, we text messaged, instant messaged, and spoke on the phone. Perhaps it is because we are both busy, independent individuals who cherish the lifestyle choices that make us individuals, or the fact that we had both established lives for ourselves just fine, but we both have an appreciation for the un-clingy counterpart. I never once wanted his (or anyone's) presence to complete me as a person, but to enhance me as a person. I felt very complete already, and I am confident he felt the same. I believe it is this idea that nurtures the solid respect we have for one another. That, mixed with an uncanny chemistry and mutual enjoyment of similar movies, humor, and things otherwise cool, kept a matchlight of intrigue going; a matchlight which ultimately led to dynamite.

Naturally, we came to a time where we knew that everything felt right enough to be able to tolerate each other under the same roof. And while we had made a decision as to when this co-habitation would come to be, fate insisted we live together sooner than originally planned. Suddenly, I am forced into having faith that this was the right time, and that the Universe had had enough of us pussy-footing around our love for each other.

And it is amazing. Every day, I am amazed by the talent and devotion of this man and with every second I am more and more convinced that he was well worth the wait. We are together, finally, and so far, it's wonderful.