Thursday, August 27, 2009

I want to calculate the odds but can't!

I thought it would be easy to find the statistical likelihood of getting rear-ended and contracting strep thoat. Multiply the two together, and wa-la, the odds of having them together appear on the calculator. I Yahooed and I Googled, I read medical sites and traffic safety data, and could not find anywhere that will tell me something like: "The average person has a 1 in x chances of getting rear ended." Well, turns out the stats on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration largely surround fatalities, alcohol, and motorcycles (and combinations thereof). And Googling "the odds of getting strep throat" bring you to a bunch of mommy sites telling people to reduce their odds by handwashing, etc. Maybe my search parameters were incorrect, or I simply wasn't patient enough to keep digging for the data I sought. Or maybe Google isn't as "smart" as I gave it credit for and I'd have to go to a library or something. Or maybe, just maybe, insurance companies house this precious data in air tight, oxygen minimized environments so smarty-pants bloggers like me can't uncover the data and learn something they don't want me to know. But surely this data exists, someplace...didn't Jack Nicholson star in a movie about an insurance guy who was too paranoid to do anything because he knew the stastical likelihood of getting hurt or killed doing everything?

Whatever the odds may be, this set of circumstances has led to one hell of a week. Monday afternoon, I was sitting in a boring meeting when I thought I felt my throat scratch. I otherwise felt fine and went about my evening as though nothing were wrong. I went to the gym, cleaned the house and enjoyed being the queen of my domain. Tuesday was the car accident. I was sitting at a red light, checking out my hair in the rear-view, minding my p's & q's when BAM, my car is hit. Luckily I did not "pile up" onto the car in front of me and the damage seems to be minor (I've yet to hear from an insurance adjuster but that is a whole other blog). I was shaken, so I took the afternoon off work and relaxed. Wednesday I woke up feeling not so great, but not terrible enough to call into work so I dealt with it, but there was no energy for my normal Wednesday run. This morning, I really wanted to call in, as overnight the pain in my throat woke me up several times during the night and I got little sleep. I didn't think it was strep, or that serious, because I had no fever. However, because of the accident, I was eating Ibuprofen like it was candy and my doctor pointed to me today that I was probably suppressing the fever.

But I digress. What are the odds? Who knows. All I can know is the Universe is sending me a clear message: slow down.

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