Monday, September 7, 2009

Thoughts on the MN State Fair

I hate crowds, but I am a Fair junkie. So once I year I buck up my phobia, grin and bear, and let myself enjoy a crowd...and curds, and garden displays, and animals, and did I mention the curds?

It seems of all people I know, folks either really love or really hate the Fair. The haters loathe the crowd, greasy overpriced food, and overpriced beer. But once you get over the fact that pretty much everything everywhere is overpriced, and can grit your teeth through strollers and slow moving old people (let's face it, us youngin's aren't the ones holding up the flow of traffic), then the fair can actually become somewhat bearable, and hey, maybe even a little fun and a great way to close out the summer.

As always, I had to go oggle sheep, and the largest boar and sow in Minnesota. Dem some big pigs, mon! Not to mention the biggest pumpkin, which I had never made a point to see until this year. It's amazing that Charles Schultz is a native yet never thought that Charlie Brown should hunt down the Great Pumpkin at the Fair, just a little over a month early. But of all things big and small at the fair, this year my favorite moment was the giant slide. I had not gone down the giant slide since I was a kid, and the memory of it was vauge at best. For only two bucks, you get a gunny-sack like thing to sit on and push off at your own volition. And because of my adult size, well, let's say Newtonian physics worked well in my favor.
So what is there not to like? It was a tiring day, with lots of walking and standing, but otherwise it gives us all a chance to be a little silly.
NOTE: All pictures were taken with my phone, since I left my real camera at home. This is also my first attempt at putting pictures on a blog and it didn't go as smooth as I had hoped.

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