Sunday, November 20, 2011

Thoughts on Gay Marriage and Kim Kardashian

Anyone who has read my blog over the past couple of years knows that I typically stick to every day topics of life, beauty, and joy. Every once in a while I venture into political thoughts or into something that pisses me off. This entry covers both of those things.

In our country, there is a strong, unfounded resistance against gay marriage. In the State of Minnesota, homosexuality is protected class, which means you cannot discriminate in areas of lending, employment, and housing based on a person's status as belonging to that group. Clearly, folks who favor "protecting" marriage as an institution between one man and one woman have little respect for the homosexual population as a protected class and deserving of the same rights and privileges as folks who do not belong to that protected class.

But Civil Rights is not the only reason why everyone should have the freedom to marry within their affectional preference. I personally know several gay couples who have relationships just as committed (if not more) as straight married couples, and as a divorcee myself, I have nothing but respect for the integrity and commitment it takes to maintain a relationship for decades. The ability to grow with another person is astounding and beautiful, and to be able to put up with their crap for a lifetime is nothing short of amazing.

This leads me to the second topic of this blog. I am not a "reality" TV fan, nor have I have ever actually watched whatever show it was that made Kim Kardashian famous. But I do watch news now and again, and shop at grocery stores every once in a while, and in these activities I picked up on this little princess's 72 day stunt. Since there have been famous people, famous people have engaged in stunts to become either more famous, more rich, or both. The act of committing a media stunt is not inherently wrong, and as long as there are consumers who support these endeavors they will continue to happen. What pisses me off is that she chose to make a mockery of marriage. Seventy-two days, really? I know I'm not the first to say so, but that's not even a radar blip on a marital screen. Not only that, but there is a large group of people who belong to a protected class as mentioned above, who are not allowed by our laws to have that right. Ms. Kardashian took a right so many of our population are denied and rubbed in their faces, all so more people will look at her, talk about her, and spend money in ways that are profitable to her.

Perhaps by writing the little rant above I'm just feeding into it and giving Ms. Kardashian what she wants. But I'm sorry, when I have close friends for whom marriage is not even an option, it angers me that someone like her can engage in marriage, then divorce, and feel good about it.

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